Who We Are

So we were staring into our wardrobe thinking there is an excess of unused items in here and we want to sell them – in our evolving world of recycling, reusing, and global efficiency, the equitable solution is obviously giving new life to our preloved designer products.

Ugh, but who has time to do that, was the immediate next thought.

That’s when it came to us, hence, the light bulb!

We’ll create a platform where selling your preloved designer brands can be done in under five minutes, uploading photos can be done through your mobile phone, and the whole experience can actually be fun.

What about the people, like us, who also want to buy from this online haven of curated vintage and preowned designer items? For them we select the coolest classic and cult buys giving them access into some of the world’s most fabulous closets while making the experience feel just like luxury shopping should feel, space to maneuver, muted colors, beautiful styling, and cool photography (minus the snooty salespeople).

But we couldn’t stop there, before we knew it, we found ourselves needing to do more. We believe in giving back. We know that people give back in many different ways and so we offer them the opportunity to do so through us. Sellers can volunteer a percentage of their sales to our partners at the UNHCR who are dedicated to alleviating the plight of refugees all over the world. Sellers can select any of the UNHCR campaigns that they feel passionate towards and in staying true to our ethos of giving back we match all donations. Basically, We Give What You Give.

So that’s how RIOT was born. Ultimately our aim is to revolutionize the way people shop. To make our sellers think in resale value when they buy designer items and our buyers to bring their generational understanding of re-cycling and re-using into luxury fashion. And together we want to create a ripple effect of giving, a tidal wave of humanity.

Help us be the difference. Join RIOT.


Maya Talih

Born and raised in Beirut Lebanon, Maya Talih is an economist with a graduate degree from the London School of Economics. She spent five years working as an economic analyst for the United Nations Development Fund. Since then she has written two novels and is represented by a literary agency in the U.K. She has stepped away from both literature and economics to focus completely on a start up that she believes will make a difference not only in people's shopping habits but also in the lives of the deprived members of the community. She is marrying her love for entrepreneurship and fashion with her background in social development.

Tima Hamadeh 

Tima Hamadeh also Born and raised in Beirut (<3 much love to Beirut), Lebanon, started her career in brand building with Procter & Gamble and spent the last 8 years as a marketer and brand manager. She recently moved to Luxury marketing with Coty. Her passion lies in understanding consumers and creating breakthrough concepts. The establishment of RIOT is a major milestone for Tima as she leverages the experience and technical learnings from R&G to fulfill a dream of having a successful and meaningful start up.