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What happens when life as you know it changes overnight? When your role as a mother, wife, sister, or daughter, suddenly switches to that of the main provider and head of the household? One in four of Syrian refugee households are headed by women facing a lone fight for survival. These women battle to maintain their dignity and care for their families in run-down, overcrowded homes, insecure makeshift shelters and tents. Many live under the threat of violence or exploitation, and their children face mounting trauma and distress.


With no resources and noone to turn to, most of the women are struggling to pay the rent, put food on the table, buy basic household items, and meet the fundemental needs of their children. Many have sold off their wedding rings and sent their children out to work in order to avoid starvation.


Today we are asking you to stand #WithRefugeeWomen in their fight for survival, in their fight for dignity and in their fight to provide for their children.


Your donation will help the UNHCR provide direct financial assistance to the most vulnerable female headed–households, particularly those unable to earn an income. These are the women who fully rely on UNHCR’s cash assistance program to survive from day to day.


Please make a contribution today, and help save the livelihood fo a widow struggling to feed her children, to house them, to protect them, and to provide for their most basic needs.

More than half of Syrian children in the region are out of school. The conflict has forced two million children to flee their homes, leaving their memories behind. This has resulted in a population of emotionally and physically traumatized Syrian refugee children, 447,138 of whom have received psychological support to overcome the ordeals they have endured at a tender age.


Without proper education, many of these children become susceptible to threats, including child labour, particularly in the informal sector, and early marriage. Children who are denied an education are being drawn into the war—their innocence ruthlessly exploited. They are at serious risk of death, injury, sexual violence, abduction and recruitment into armed groups.


An entire generation has lost their childhood, help us help them. Please donate today, the more funds we raise, the more children are able to make it to school. So every donation you make today can help reduce the number of children outside of school. We need you to be able to pay tuition fees, to train teachers and provide learning materials in order to build safe and accessible learning spaces. Join the fight to save a child.

If you wish to donate directly to the UNHCR please visit:https://donate.unhcr.org/gu-en/general/