Who We Are
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Who We Are

RIOT is not your typical preowned fashion store. We take on a much more curated approach whereby our rigorous selection process renders us with highly coveted "on trend" items as well as extremely sought-after classics. We also sells the closets of some of our favourite celebrities and influencers. RIOT is the definitive online hub for the most coveted, hard-to-find luxury pieces and the quintessential cool girl's go-to place to find something unique. If you want to be different, you've come to the right place!

RIOT was founded out of a strong belief in circular and sustainable fashion. By promoting "upcycling" we are offering better consumer choices to people who love high end fast luxury fashion. Every time a consumer buys a preloved item they increase its life by about 2.2 years thereby reducing its carbon footprint by about 73%. Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil and RIOT is adamant about making a change by altering consumers' mindsets and disrupting the status que of high end consumerism.

At RIOT, we believe in giving back and offer our customers the opportunity to do the same by allowing our sellers to monetize their charitable contributions and subsequently matching the said contributions through our matching scheme, we have been able to support and give back to our community. Basically, We Give What You Give.

Help us be the difference. Join RIOT.


Maya Talih
Tima Hamadeh